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Terms & Conditions

1. Dps – the service provider that is collecting a client’s vehicle for storage.

2. A client – a person that is handing their vehicle to dps for storage.

3. A driver – an employee of dps that is authorised to drive a client’s vehicle.

4. A vehicle – a clients asset of which dps is entrusted with.
Notifying DPS

1. A client is to ensure that they make a call to 073 9533 485 at least 20 minutes, before arriving at the airport or harbour.

Vehicle Inspection (Collection)

2. A client must remain present during the inspection of their vehicle upon collection.

Vehicle Inspection (Arrival)
3. A client must conduct an inspection on their vehicle when it is delivered to them by DPS drivers.
No Aherence to Inspection

4. No complaints will be entertained if the client failed to adhere to the inpection clause

Electrical or Mechanical

5. DPS takes no responsibility for any electrical and mechanical mulfunction.

Unlikely Event of an Accident

6. In the unlikely event of an accident, an investigation by the necessary authorities must be allowed to take place.

Fuel Sufficiency

7. Clients are to ensure that there is sufficient fuel in their vehicle, so as to allow DPS drivers to drive the vehicle to the storage facility.

Authorized Drivers

8 .  No other person is allowed to operate a motor vehicle in the premisses of DPS except authorised DPS drivers

Pre Existing Damage

9.   DPS takes no responsibility for any pre-existing damage, scratches, or windscreen chips.

Traffic Violation Fine(Disk)

10.  In an event of a traffic violation fine for an expired licence disc or any fault on the vehicle, DPS can not be held responsible.

Traffic Violation Fine(Driver)

11. In an event of a traffic violation fine being issued to the driver employed by DPS and while performing his duties, and the allegations are of such nature that it is directed to the driver (eg. disregarding a red traffic light), then, in this case, the client can not be held responsible, however, the Driver will be entitled to disputing the matter in court as stipulated by law.

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